Drama, Storytelling

Joan / Jehanne (ON DEMAND)

Prairie Bear Theatre with Friendly Bear Theatre Company - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


GENERAL AUDIENCE (PG - children under 14 recommended to watch with an adult/guardian)

CONTENT ADVISORY: Religious Content, Mature Content, Religious Trauma, and Discussions of death.

Nineteen-year-old Joan of Arc sits in a prison awaiting judgement. As she stands against those who wish to take her down, she must decide what matters most: the story they'll tell about her, or her life.

Monique Danielle, Lead Producer (Prairie Bear Theatre)
Cara Rebecca, Co-Producer and Creative Lead (Friendly Bear Theatre Company)
Katherine Teed-Arthur, Playwright, Co-Producer and Creative Lead (Friendly Bear Theatre Company)
Max Cameron Fearon, Creative Lead
Lee Stone, Creative Lead

Elizabeth Richardson, Stage Manager // Heidi Chan, Composer and Sound Design // Michelle Ou, Cinematography // Robina Teed, Costume Design // Ella Wieckowski, Lighting Design

CAST: Katherine Teed-Arthur, Joan
Monique Danielle, Saint Catherine
Simon Gagnon, Cauchon / Saint Michael
Lee Stone, Isabelle / Saint Margaret

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